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your aticle in Gorkhapatra- most suspicious and controversial

July 9, 2012

To: 'Dirgha Raj Prasai'

You will not succeed to persuade me in this respect and I don’t plan to even try to persuade you.

I am completely and fully against constitution of 2047 as well as monarchy. PERIOD.

Nothing has happened to mind, whether fertile or not. I will also not say that your mind has fizzled out.

My article may be suspicious and controversial for you and I have come across some articles of yours which looks to me to be both suspicious and controversial. But I have not said anything as such against your articles.
Therefore, let’s agree to disagree. There are issues where we can find common ground too.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

From: Dirgha Raj Prasai [mailto:dirgharajprasai@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, July 9, 2012 11:36
To: rsansar@mos.com.np
Subject: Fwd: Good Day ! Ratna jee ! I read your aticle in Gorkhapatra- most suspicious and controversial

Dear Mr. Ratna jee !

Good Day !

I read your article in Gorkhapatra. You have supported the dead Interim Constitution-suspiciously Why your fertile mind got fizzle out?.

The historical fact is that, Nepal is the country with diverse topography and ethnicity. But, the wrong elements of Congress, UML, former Panchas (pre-democracy royalists) as Surya Bahadur Thapa, Pashupati Shumsher and Sadbhawana party’s leaders are responsible for the current scenario. It is sad to note that the leaders of NC and UML were never truly responsible towards the nation. Now the Maoists have become irresponsible. When consensus is broken it will inevitably bring chaos. The act of betraying the monarch is the root cause of the crisis. The anarchic rules of NC, UML and Maoist are pushing the nation towards darkness. The Nepalese people spread around the world are concerned. The prestige that once Nepal held in world community is sagging under the burden of such leaders. And then, the Nepalese power hunger political betrayals are always suspicious for their evils thinking and working.

Nepal is in danger situation. The controversial Constituent Assembly (CA) is dead, 12PM 27 May 2012. It has proved the irrational stances and incompetence of Maoists, Congress, UML and Madeshi leaders. Still, the failed leaders who are known as traitors are talking in futility. They have no rights again and again to express about the formatting of other new constitution. Now, the dead interim constitution and its function have no right to implement. After the experiment of the CA, the President and the activities of interim constitution are not valid. The President should understand his position. The PM has no right to declare the election as well as he can't be as a PM of caretaker govt. because the CA including interim constitution are already dead, and then the former PM- Baburam Bhattarai is not the member of CA. PM has not the power to declare election. Since, 27 May-2012, the so-called republic, secular system also is dead. Because the CA- father of republic and secularism, is dead without formatting the new constitution. So, it is necessary to implement the 1990 constitution.

The Nepal Students’ Union founder-coordinator, Nepali Congress leader and veteran advocate Devendra Nepali wrote in a daily newspaper- 'If the interim constitution 2006 fails to draft a new constitution then it will automatically dissolve and become defunct. The existence of the political parties was accepted as per the 1990 constitution; in this sense the 1990 constitution is seen as the legal parent of the political parties. It was established by the 1990 constitution viewing the people as sovereign. The dissolution of the interim constitution will automatically revive and activate the constitutional monarchy, multiparty parliamentary system and all other organs and institutions under 1990 constitution. It is fallacious to posit a nation without a constitution when the legality of the 1990 constitution revives.'

The constitutional assembly (CA) also is worthless where the members are the agents of parties, murderers, pro-foreign agents, criminals, thieves and the puppet of foreigners. They have no ideas about constitution. Millions of foreigners especially Indians, were given thousands and thousands Nepalese citizenship after the uprising-2005. There were initiations for conspiracy to disintegrate the nation in name of caste based federalism-. Isn't this enough des-integration of the country? It was already calculated that the nonsense CA Members can't format the new constitution. We Nepalese people are hoping that the CA Members, Speaker, PM, Ministers will be punished returning their money in the name of new constitution since 2007.

Recently, Asian News exposes- 'For the four years when Nepal’s Constituent Assembly was meant to be drafting a new constitution, the country’s political leaders were really playing a game of musical chairs around the prime minister’s seat. At midnight on May 27th the music stopped, without a constitution and with the Maoist former rebels occupying the premiership. The people of Nepal were first promised a democratically drafted constitution 60 years ago, but a constituent assembly came into being only after a Maoist insurgency ended in 2006. In what now seems a staggering oversight? The country is now plunged into deep legal and political uncertainty. The failure of the assembly is a painful blow. Protests followed the passing of the deadline on Sunday, with effigies of the Maoist Prime Minister, Baburam Bhattarai, being burnt in the streets. Ordinary people are fed up with the bickering and want the government to focus on the economy.'

Actually, Nepalese people were in a great tension whether the new constitution would be drafted and if it was format, would it be the Pandora Box to destroy the Nepalese unity, identities and kill the aspirations of the people. Now the people have been felling relieve ness of these uncertainties. Nepalese people do not want any kind of communist authoritarianism, they want only full democracy. The concerns of the people are political stability, peace and good governance. But it is impossible by the traitors' leadership. So, it is necessary to chase away the traitors and terrorists who have been captured the regime unconstitutionally.

Nepal’s royal institution, Nepal Army and the people of Nepal are protector of Nepal and the enemy of imperialism and expansionism. Nationality is such a sensitive subject that it would be difficult to re-establish once it rolls down the slope. In the past Nepal was defended at the joint initiative of the King and people. Now that thread of unity has snapped. To rescue this holy land from an imminent dark future all patriotic forces – Nepalese people, Nepal Army, the court and the chief organs of the state– must unite to commit themselves to serving the nation.

We Nepalese people no longer want the unconstitutional rule of the so called larger parties Maoists, Congress, UML, Madhesi. The monarchy was pivotal in integrating Nepal, establishing democratic and just society at par with the modern world. Only this option will open the doors for political resolution in Nepal. After the dead of CA, 1990 constitution has restored automatically. So, it is necessary to implement the 1990 constitution. After the dead of CA, the 1990 constitution with monarchy has restored automatically. So, this is the only alternative to move Nepal according to the 1990 Constitutions.

Dirgha Raj Prasai

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