Monday, July 23, 2012

Care taker government planning to promulgate a dozen Ordinances

July 22, 2012

Dr Surya Dhungel

Surya jee

Today’s edition of Rajdhani has reported that the care taker government is planning to promulgate a dozen Ordinances; none of them related to achieving breakthrough from deadlock situation obtaining in the country at the moment.

As this government lacks executive authority, it doesn’t even have authority to promulgate “laws” essential for achieving breakthrough from deadlock situation obtaining in the country now. The ordinances now on the anvil are “non essential” ones from the perspective of the deepening double transition that Nepal is in.

Therefore, in no circumstance the president should become accomplice in perpetuating state capture by current care taker government. It is now clear that it was a mistake to allow this government to promulgate so many ordinances in past 6 weeks; on one pretext (blacklisting of Nepal to lack budget) or other (remuneration to former executives of the state). Now this government has gained upper hand in the sense that they can always ask the president, when he was happy to promulgate even ordinance related to remuneration and perquisites to former ministers, president, VP, etc. why is he reluctant to promulgate, for example, electricity ordinance, which in their eyes is vital to allow projects like Pancheshwar, Upper Karnali, Arun III, etc. dedicated to export power to India (condemning Nepal to ever live not only in darkness but also in medieval ages – unindustrialized and struck in dependency syndrome even for employment of its own citizens).

It is high time for the president to put his foot firmly down and insist on formation of national government (which can be all party consensus government or preferably comprising of national luminaries with clean record as well as clear conscience and no affiliation with any political party whatsoever), only which will start planning and implementing to get the country out of morass of deepening double transition with no legislature and no government with executive power and all constitutional entities with no operating “head” or likely to lose the head soon
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Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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