Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RE: gone case

December 6, 2011
To: Ajaya Dixit'

Cc: 'Dipak Gyawali'


I agree with you that the situation is pathetic.
However, the only feeling of mine towards Shaym KC is that of pity. Because, he is merely a journalist - a generalist - who is not supposed to have in-depth knowledge of things as complicated as water resources. However, he is guilty of reading only one sided stuff.

My grudge is against those who go about strutting as water recourse "expert" etc. who fail to notice even a fly on their very noses.

On the other hand, the easiest thing to do is to pontificate and most seem to be busy doing that. That is this country's misfortune.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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From: Ajaya Dixit [mailto:adbaluwatar@ntc.net.np]
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To: Ratna Sansar Shrestha
Subject: gone case

"The set back that this country received in its power planning because of Arun III fiasco is primarily responsible for present power crisis in the country." This is maha bani of Mr Shyam KC in today's "The Kathmandu Post" and writes its column. No redemption for Nepali society whose educated leaders do no read but only superficially pontificate.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Subject: RE: one more article on upper karnali

December 4, 2011
To: Mr Bihari Krishna Shrestha

Cc: 'Dipak'; 'Ajaya Dixit'

Dear Bihari jee

Yes, it definitely looks like as if I am crying in the wilderness. However, I am happy to note that my efforts, to an extent, have succeeded to mobilize a groundswell of support amongst the local people. I have attended a number of interaction programs with them and the result is rather heartwarming. People from 21 districts of Karnali basin have formed Karnali Basin Conservation Society.
A writ petition at Supreme Court on this issue is already under active consideration. I have, in the capacity of a legal practitioner, already attended a number of hearings. (I am, in effect, fighting the war on two fronts: writing articles and also pursuing a PIL at Supreme Court.)
However, I like your idea of “setting up a PIL Alliance for Policy Reform”. Please let me know what the next step is. I am with you all the way.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

From: Bihari Krishna Shrestha [mailto:bks@wlink.com.np]
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To: Ratna Sansar Shrestha
Subject: Re: one more article on upper karnali

Dear Ratna jee,

Your pleas seem to be falling in deaf ears all the time. Don't you think that we should make recourse to judicial redressal through PIL. By the way, this is not the only area where such policy redressal is needed. There is rampant corruption at the hands of local politicians because of the default in the Local Self-Governance Act. Similarly, there are such continuing deficiencies and gaps in health and education. Thereforfe, I have been playing with the idea of setting up a PIL Alliance for Policy Reform, to be composed of concerned, independent and widely respected professionals like yourself from different disciplines including law. I have a feeling that since the current leadership of the judiciary seems to be rather quite proactive in the larger interest of the people, the time seems to be quite propitious for a PIL-based approach to reforms in the country The Upper Karnali could be the first test case in this regard. What do you think?

Warm regards

Bihari Krishna Shrestha

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From: Ratna Sansar Shrestha
To: Ratna Sansar Shrestha
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Subject: FW: one more article on upper karnali

Dear colleague

Here is my new article on upper karnali (again!). You can also peruse it by following the link below: