Friday, July 20, 2012

RE: Nepal's first President in the eyes of history

July 20, 2012

To: 'Mohan Lohani'

Dear Prof. Lohani

The crux of the problem Nepal is facing is the greed; even the president doesn’t seem to be above it.

My concern isn’t what the likes of him get after they demit their offices or how much of tax payers’ money is squandered on such unproductive purposes. What I am concerned is the fact that due to such acts on the part of the president, he is not only becoming an accomplice but even abetting state capture by UCPNM. In this manner UCPNM will succeed to perpetuate their state capture (state capture is not a matter of possibility any longer; it already is a fait accompli).

I agree with you about the futility of expecting moral standard from such people. However, these people should be concerned about history: how future generations will remember them. The president is looking at an opportunity to have his name written in golden letters or leaving a black mark against his name. I wonder if his advisors are able to ensure that he did what is right for the country from the perspective of future generations or merely played along with UCPNM to ensure “golden handshake”.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

From: Mohan Lohani []
Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2012 11:44
To: Ratna Sansar Shrestha
Subject: Re: Nepal's first President in the eyes of history

Dear Ratna Sansarji,

It is not surprising if the President is concerned about his own future rather than the future of the country.He may be thinking of retirement benefits and such benefits can be ensured if he acts on the advice of the BRB-led govt.It ia futile to expect moral standards from those who are too busy with their own personal interest.

Tks and regds,

Mohan Lohani

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