Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nepal's first President in the eyes of history

July 19, 2012

To: Mohan Lohani

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Dear Prof. Lohani

You too must have come across news today that president promulgated ordinance related to remuneration and perquisites for former officials like, PMs, ministers, even former president and VP (perhaps he is ensuring that he too gets remuneration and perquisites after the end of his own tenure!). This is what I had been apprehensive of: he is playing into the hands of UCPNM led care taker government.

Bhattarai cabinet became care taker with effect from May 28. But president, after reminding government that it has become care taker, has simply not done anything to relieve this country from the clutches of a government without executive authority and give this country a government with full executive power. He seems to have been playing along contentedly: first money laundering bill was promulgated on the contention that Nepal cannot afford to be black listed if the deadline of 18th June was missed. Then came budget; although only bill on accounts was promulgated as ordinance empowering government money to spend for next four months. This too was done saying that country will be financially/fiscally paralyzed for lack of government.

However, the latest ordinance has simply removed the fig leaf and uncovered his failure to come to the rescue of the country.

I am apprehensive that history will record this president as a president who failed to ensure that the country’s governance wasn’t captured by UCPNM led unconstitutional group of people; him failing in his duties to the nation and the people (becoming कर्तब्यचूत).

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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