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RE: Article on Arun III

February 25, 2011

Rajendra Chhetri

Rajendra jee

Good to hear from you.

But there is hard/cold reality a person like you needs to be aware of. Most of the policy makers don’t bother to read (too idle or too busy doing “nothing” or busy amassing wealth by means fair or foul). Some take trouble to read with superficial understanding. Some read but refuse to accept the truth as it is inconvenient for them. Some read and understand but pretend not to understand. Only a few read, understand and agree but won’t lift a finger to do anything. There are a few people who are rare exception and would like to act based such rational analyses but are helpless; they are left with no choice but to bang their heads against the wall.

Hence, there is an important role for people like you and me. I have taken this up as a crusade and you need to help me by disseminating the knowledge inherent in it, if you agree with the analysis, far and wide. I trust you will be willing to take this up as a loyal/faithful son of the motherland. In old days foreign armies used to invade countries to conquer/vanquish and eventually add a colony or two in its collection. In modern days, same is being done in the name of “business.” Nepal has succeeded to save its sovereignty in the past as we had an army devoted to the motherland. In modern age we need a different army that can stop the “invasion/colonization” in the name of business – an army of intelligent people without uniform devoted to the motherland.
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Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Great article sir. I hope our policy makers have time to read this article.



Rajendra Chhetri

Subject: FW: Article on Arun III
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Dear Colleague

Gorkhapatra has published my article on Arun III today, which I am forwarding to you. You can also peruse it by clicking the link below:

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