Friday, November 2, 2012

Care taker PM Bhattarai "sitting pretty"

PM Bhattarai was rendered care taker with the expiry of tenure of CA on 14th Jestha; which was also reinforced by care taker PM Bhattarai's declaration of fresh election. As he failed to show any inclination of graciously vacating PM quarter, the president had to remind him about him becoming care taker PM. It has been more than 5 months since his demitting the high office, but a PM and cabinet with executive authority is yet to be constituted. Until such a government with executive authority is constituted he will continue to occupy the high office, like squatters occupying land that doesn't belong to them.

Only a government with executive authority is empowered to promulgate Ordinances. But present care taker government has already promulgated a number of ordinances on the plea of one-third budget or to mitigate the risk of country being black listed for failing to put legislation in place against money laundering. However, the president refused to promulgate a number of other ordinances deeming them non-essential. The term of Appropriation Ordinance will run out on 15th November and now care taker government is preparing to put full budget in place by an ordinance, on the plea that the economy will come to a grinding halt. The private sector, so called economists, etc. have become hand-in-glove with care taker government in all this.

On the other hand, if the care taker government is allowed to promulgate another ordinance for budget, the state capture by UCPNM and its cronies, that has already become fait accompli will get perpetuated. Because, the parties in the care taker government are demanding that other parties consent to what it wants like state restructuring on the basis of recognition of single identities of a few ethnocentric groups, depriving the same to over 100 ethnocentric groups from that very right to recognition of their identities. If to state it un-mincingly, they are holding the whole nation hostage to their eccentric demand that could force Nepal to emulate Yugoslavia or Rwanda. In this manner 15th July 2014 also will arrive soon and another Appropriation Bill will have to be promulgated, again, to mitigate the economy coming to a grinding halt. As such care taker PM Bhattarai’s wish to rule Nepal for another 9 years (out of 10 years of his wistful thinking, he has already occupied the position for more than a year) will be fulfilled while the country and the countrymen suffering immensely.

Therefore, it is high time that the squatters in Singh Darbar/Baluwatar are removed forcefully. People in Nepal are prepared to suffer a few days of economic chaos due to lack of budget rather than to have to suffer the illegitimate and unconstitutional care taker government any further.

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