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RE: राष्ट्रपतिलाई सम्राट बनाउने प्रत्युत्पादक प्रयास

June 10, 2012
Bhubaneshwor Daibagya

Bhubaneshwor jee

I believe that more is merrier; too many claimants to be constitutional experts isn’t the problem. The problem lies in shallowness and paucity of knowledge of the so called experts. I actually feel insulted when someone calls me an expert. I always make it a point to ask all concerned to not to call me an expert.

I am pleased to learn that you too are a student of law. My main field of interest is management (studied it, practicing it and teaching it) but I don’t call myself a management expert; only a management professional. I incidentally am also a Fellow Chartered Accountant and Advocate, practicing for more than 3 decades. But that, in my opinion, still doesn’t make me an expert.

However, I like that people are expressing their opinions about the situation obtaining now, irrespective of whether they are calling themselves to be constitutional experts rightly or wrongly. I like the concept enshrined in the saying: वादे वादे जायते तत्व बोधः

I have already dealt with the issues you have raised, in your email, in the captioned article.
PS: I don’t think we should be worried about YCL. UCPNM could garner less than 50% votes in CA election at a time when people didn’t know UCPNM as a party and people populating that party very well. Now, even the members of that very party, its “army” and YCL have become very disenchanted with the party and, therefore, it will face a rout in the next election, especially because of its wrong stance with regard to provincialization on communal lines (based on ethnocentric identities of about 10 ethnocentric communities out of 118).

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Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Our problem is that we have too many constitutional experts`in our country.If one writes an artilcle in any news paper,he or she is graded as constitutional expert.Let us think very cooly,if the present government does not step down, the way it is behaving,it appears that the present government will not step down,it wants to conduct the Constituens Assembly by i self,and aspires to get 2/3 majority by hook or crook.We should keep in mind that that Young Communist league,with all sorts arms and ammunitions,is still there.The interpretation of the constitution on the dissolution of Praliment by Late G.P. koirala and Deupa stands for big question mark.I am not a constitution expert an am simply a student of law.I do not want to go for any more detail about.If the present government does not step down,what is the role of the President.Constitutional experts with one or two impartial outsise constitutional expert should have discussion and come the the conclusion for the advice of the President.


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