Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I, although am a Newar, who takes pride in being a Newar, am not in favor of creating Newa Rajya. Why?

People are equating Nepal’s future polity without federalism (if 10 odd states on ethnocentric lines aren’t created) with former King Gyanendra’s rule. Gyanendra’s rule was no democracy and Panchayati system was no different. Similarly, even so called constitutional monarchy introduced in 1990 was only a little better; weakness of which Gyanendra was able to exploit to the hilt. However, under all three past political systems, at least in the eyes of constitution, all Nepali people were deemed equal.

Now what is being planned will make 10 odd ethnocentric groups more equal than the remaining 108 ethnocentric groups. I don’t believe that almost 20,000 Nepali people (mainly during people’s war) sacrificed their lives to create a constitution that will have 108 ethnocentric communities rendered less equal. Reminds one of the “Animal Farm” (by George Orwell). I am surprised that people have yet to learn from George Orwell.

Under the federal structure envisaged, it won’t be a new Nepal; rather a worse Nepal where 108 ethnocentric communities out of 118 ethnocentric communities will be become second class citizen and will be ruled by the minority.

We should not let the future generations have reason to curse us for leaving ethnocentric conflict brewing or boiling; they could even be impelled to think that we have committed high treason for failing to speak up at the right time and being instrumental in potential disintegration of our motherland. Ethnocentric conflict is highly likely to lead Nepal to follow the path of Yugoslavia (which does not exist anymore), Rwanda, Sudan, etc.

Implementing federalism on its own will not cause fragmentation of this country. But state restructuring on ethnocentric lines will definitely cause it.

State restructuring to implement federalism isn’t something as simple as delineating 75 districts or 14 zones or even 5 development regions especially as the proposed states are to have right to self determination and autonomy which wasn’t the case with 75 districts or 14 zones or even 5 development regions.

Therefore, I, although am a Newar, who takes pride in being a Newar, am not in favor of creating Newa Rajya.

Moreover, by creating the mayhem that we are witnessing now, the game plan is becoming clear: to ensure no constitution. In this backdrop people need to pause and think who benefits from all these. Meaning efforts are being made to sabotage the constituent assembly. There are many who didn’t want sovereign people write their own constitution through CA in the first place. People advocating restoration of monarchy are already highly encouraged and enthused by all this. Similarly, there are already people asking for revival of 1990 constitution. Playing into hands of these people isn’t a prudent thing to do at this juncture.

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