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Hindification of Nepali words/names

July 20, 2005

Dear Editor
Nepali Times

I had a strong urge to thank you for properly spelling the name of "Pulchok" in your regular feature - "under my hat", and, hence, this email. However, I hope that you have not correctly spelt the word just in the lighter vein (no pun intended!) and that you will continue to spell it correctly always.

The second part of the name "Chok" is mostly spelt wrongly as "Chowk," to my disgust. Chok (courtyard) is a Nepali word and by rechristening the area as Pulchowk, people are doing a great injustice to the ancient heritage of the area. The word Chowk has different connotation and it comes from Hindi. Therefore, there is no need to corrupt the name by Hindifying it.

Actually, people in Kathmandu are converting many a Choks, Dobatos and Chaubatos to Chowks and doing disservice to Nepali language and names of the places.

I hope others too will take cue from you (not just in the lighter vein).

Thanks a lot once more.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha

Submitted for publication under Letters to Editor page, but unpublished

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