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Knocks of the big brother

August 2001

The Editor
Nepali Times

I am not writing this letter to pick up the gauntlet thrown by Pratyoush Onta (# 55). However, the campaign being launched to stop FDI in "sensitive sector of Fourth Estate" has impelled me to write a few words:

1. If one is to assume that a paper established with FDI in Nepal will adulterate people's bichar adversely, then quite a lot of bichar of many an intellectuals have been getting adulterated since time immemorial (as far back as this scribe is able to recall), cause many dailies and weeklies from across the border have been avidly subscribed, bought and read by the intelligentsia of Nepal and others too. Conversely, if one is to infer that no significant impact has been made, then FDI in Nepal will also not succeed in doing any harm to the bichar.

2. One does not need to be a bright person to see that Indian investment is already having a field day in Nepal through many a gullible and greedy persons who are amenable to act as dummy for Indian investors for, of course, a price. I would like to think that this has not made a dent in indigenous bichar.

3, If FDI was to succeed in mauling Nepali bichar then people will stop investing in RAW, ISI, CIA, et al. Besides, these agencies will have a very easy job in achieving its goals by simply having their operatives write in newspapers.

I hope somebody will take up Onta on his challenge.

With best regards,

Ratna Sansar Shrestha

Published as a letter to editor in Nepali Times on August 17, 2001

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