Friday, August 24, 2012

Thanks a lot for your best wishes

My dear friends and colleagues

I have survived the ordeal this time too. The stitches and staples (metallic ones like people use to staple paper together!) were removed on Wednesday and I “tested” myself out by driving car for about 20 minutes yesterday with no problem. I am ready to face many a challenges in life, especially for our motherland. Last 10 months have been very tough on me; I have been hospitalized in Norvic thrice during that period (twice to perform surgeries). Looks like my time has yet to come and I request my family and friends not to waste money in condolence advertisements when my time comes. The money should better be donated for philanthropic purposes, instead.

I am very touched by the outpouring of sentiments and best wishes for my speedy recovery. I feel that improvement in my condition was made possible by your best wishes and skillful surgery by Dr Rajendra Regmi (I take pride in being addressed by him me as काका) as well as my family looking after me in dedicated manner.

The best wish comments painted me as a “patriot”. I am highly grateful for that. However, it is distressing that that word has been “prostituted” (begging pardon for using too strong a word) by the so called intellectuals (fortunately, there are some exceptions, though) in the guise of businessmen, bureaucrats, professionals (including chartered accountants, doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc.) and politicos who have been committing “rape” (again begging your pardon) and plunder against our motherland by resorting to corrupt practices. They go on claiming to be patriots while amassing wealth by hook or crook. Besides, there is no dearth of politicos who will not even blink eyes once before signing off our motherland’s natural resources against the best interest of our own and future generations to come.

Your best wishes give me strength to face the world with no fear. I take this opportunity to thank all of my friends and colleagues.

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