Sunday, August 19, 2012

RE: SD Muni isn't Viceroy to Nepal

August 19, 2012

To: Prof Dr Deepak Bhattarai

Deepak jee

The way I read your rejoinder, I feel that we do see eye to eye in every respect; except for ignoring bit. No I didn’t mean that we should ignore, close our eyes to the conspiracies of Indians or their stooges in Nepal. I merely mean that we shouldn’t dignify people like Muni by responding to them.

By using the term “ignore” I didn’t mean that we should take things lying down by any stretch of imagination. There are some so called intellectuals who almost believe and imply that “if rape is inevitable, may as well lay back and enjoy.”

On the contrary we should vociferously object to, protest and even oppose by any means nonviolent or otherwise against any plan/action that is detrimental to our motherland and the coming generations. In the water resource sector West Seti is an instance that can work as a milestone of our success. Notwithstanding the efforts of Nepali intelligentsia suffering from reverse colonialism (including, unfortunately, Nepal’s Supreme Court led by Anup Sharma) and their masters abroad, previous incarnation of this project to supply high quality energy to India at rock bottom price and regulated/augmented flow in dry season free of cost did get cancelled.
We should persistently do the same in other instances (e.g. TIA) too with perseverance. I am sure we are together in all these and we have many true sons and daughters of our motherland firmly behind us.

With best regards,

Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

From: Deepak Bhattarai []
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2012 9:16
To: 'Ratna Sansar Shrestha'
Subject: RE: [NNSD] A humble request

Dear Ratna ji,

Thank you very much. I fully agree with you that Prof Muni is not alone to behave with Nepali people like that. You are absolutely right to say that problem lies with us. I see that problem with our leaders in politics, in beaurocracy, in business, and everywhere.

I sometimes would like to believe that the 10 years long Maoist war was not supported both morally and materially by them. Unfortunately it was. Whenever they find weakness in us they will play. Because they think it is good for their country. In that regard, they are patriotic. But problem lies with us.

For striking a relationship in reciprocity, first of all we need to be strong. As I understand, our leaders are not taking us in a path to make us strong. Therefore we may have to go a long way when we will be able to deal as a nation with India. As you said, our leaders behave as if we are colonized by India. They behave as if they are the slaves of India. It may sound rude, but it is true.

Your recommendation for ‘ignoring’ may not be as good, to me at least. They will be selling all the nonsense, and we even will not be knowing what is happening. This will not help us to protect our interest.

Ratna ji, sorry for this long mail.

It will take long time for India to realize the effect of their support to Tamils in Sri Lanka, Khalisthan movement in Punjab and lately Maoist war in Nepal. But the crux of the problem is can we, all Nepalis, start thinking and behaving as sovereign nation. Changing the mindset is really difficult.

But, I still believe that one day we will be able to have one to one relation with India. I also believe that we can progress only with good, cordial and very friendly relation with India at the first place. If we give up our greed and lust for power with the blessings of India, we will be a nation and able to solve all our problem. We may be able to make India a good partner for mutual prosperity.



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