Saturday, August 18, 2012

SD Muni isn't Viceroy to Nepal

Prof. Dr. Deepak Bhattarai

Dipak Jee

The likes of him behave in arrogant manner towards people in Nepal, almost like a viceroy to Nepal would do. He is not alone in this. I have come across multitude of them. But I don’t see their fault in all this. The fault lies in we people in Nepal who think they are much more important than they actually are. People sit on their hands to receive gem of “wisdom” from them, rush on their knees to meet them. Even president of Nepal has been granting “audience” to such people (even ones who come to pay “homage” to Pashupati on short notice) when even a sitting minister of Nepal has to file petition well ahead of time to meet her/his counterpart minister of India.
Nepal’s ambassador in Delhi is not allowed to go beyond the ring road of Delhi without prior approval from external affairs ministry. But the counterpart in Nepal roams around the country, distributing largesse, as would a viceroy do.

In my considered opinion, it is a case of reverse colonization. India hasn’t dared to call Nepal a colony. But people in Nepal (we can include PKD, BRB et al in this) behave as if we already are a colony comparable to Bhutan if not a province like Sikkim (that is what some Indians want – there is exception in substantial quantum, though).

This will continue till Nepal succeeds to strike a relationship of equality and reciprocity with India.

Therefore, the best antidote against people with this kind of haughty manner is to pointedly ignore them; don’t simply pay undue importance to what they say or do. Don’t rush to meetings to listen to their pontification. We in Nepal have much more learned people than this breed. But we, unfortunately, like things Indian than Nepali. Till we succeed to change this, this kind of people will continue to with their pontification.

What we have to remember is that India has yet to learn from fiascos like Sri Lankan Tamil and Khalistan movements which were supported, nurtured and funded by India. These ended with untimely/violent demise of Rajib Gandhi and India Gandhi respectively.


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA

From: [] On Behalf Of Deepak Bhattarai

Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2012 18:25
Subject: RE: [NNSD] A humble request

Great! Prof. Muni,

It was expected from you, naturally. Therefore I am compelled to understand what you have said in your book is also rubbish. People who have no idea expect new Gyan from you.

Prof. Dr. Deepak Bhattarai

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Subject: Re: [NNSD] A humble request

You are all talikng rubbish. There was no letter written by the Maoists leaders to the Intelligence agencies. the section of the media and the nepali intelligentia have gone berserk on the whole issue. You have no idea how compromising have been a plethora of neapli mainstream politicians, including the royalty (not the Maoists) in furthering their respective interests to gain access to power and retain it.

SD Muni

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