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West Seti - India upset as she wil be deprived of the high quality electricity at rock bottom price

March 27, 2012

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Subject: RE: West Seti getting dragged into controversy unnecessarily

Narayan jee

One can clearly see how frustrated you are after reading your email below. I too tend to become frustrated at times. But the problems that we have aplenty will not get resolved by becoming frustrated, depressed, etc. I believe that people like us don’t have “right to be pessimistic.” We have to actively work against all the forces/elements that are hindering exploitation of Nepal’s water resources in Nepal’s interest; they are working hard to have India benefit from Nepal’s water resources which amounts to colonial exploitation of Nepal’s resources.

As current incarnation of West Seti is in Nepal’s interest, I am doing my level best to ensure that this gets implemented. I urge you to join us. We organized an interaction program yesterday at Bhojan Griha for the purpose where we invited members of the parliamentary committee on natural resources. After listening to me and a few of my like minded friends, Gagan Thapa, Member of CA agreed with me and also made commitment that the parliamentary committee will not do anything to adversely impact implementation of this project in Nepal’s interest.

What we need to keep in mind is the fact that with West Seti being developed to meet Nepal’s internal need, India is very upset as they are going to be deprived of the high quality electricity at rock bottom price. And, unfortunately, there are many people Nepal that would have India benefit from our water resources rather than Nepal benefiting from her own natural resources. We need to identify these people and neutralize them.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA

Senior Water Resource Analyst


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Subject: Re: West Seti getting dragged into controversy unnecessarily

Dear All,

As a lay man, I can say that there is no intellectual in Nepal. If there is any intellectual, Nepal will not be in this situation and position, now. A small example we can see from a scandal when Nepal Airlines tries to buy aircrafts. The another example, the fly over bridges in Kathmandu that are constructed are asked to stop to construct when these are about to finish.

Nepali people do not have mentality to develop Nepal. Because it is not necessary to develop Nepal, and Nepal should not be developed. If Nepal is developed we the Nepalese will not have chances to visit foreign countries very frequently. If Nepal is developed, Nepalese children do not need to go abroad to study. If Nepal is developed, Nepalese people do not need to go to Arab countries to work. As all the Nepalese people love to go abroad, why should we develop our county, and why do we need to develop our county Nepal?

If we are managing without electricity for 14 hours a day; if we are managing our day to day life with frequent shortage of water and fuel (petrol, diesel, cooking gas, etc.) and Bandhas; if we can manage with worse condition of roads where neither we can drive nor can walk, etc., we are extra ordinary people in the world, which no one can do so in other parts of the world; after all we the Nepalese are world renown for our Bravery. So we do not need West Seti, east seti, north seti, whatever we call it. Let us stop any project or thought what ever it may be; let us go back to medieval era to live in (peaceful) primitive life.
N. K. Singh


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Subject: FW: West Seti getting dragged into controversy unnecessarily

Dear Colleague
West Seti is getting dragged into controversy again. However, this time it is for different/wrong reasons.

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