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RE: My article on First Paush

December 19, 2010
Dr Tilak Shrestha

Tilak ju


It’s nice to know that you are in agreement with my analysis. However, reviving the constitution of 1990 is not the way out. I have done an analysis on the issue and have already published an article on this topic which I have uploaded in my website (

Constituent Assembly, elected by sovereign Nepali people, should write a constitution and also proclaim it.
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Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Subject: RE: My article on First Paush
Dear Ratna Sansar Ju


Thanks for the article and I agree with your analysis. King Mahendra may be within the constitution but he did imprison the democratically elected government. On the other hand, given the corruption of NC in 1990's, it may be hard to speculate what Nepal would be with NC in command. Monarchy\Panchayat did not do better either. We were bottom third at the beginning and same at the end. However, Panchayat era has some degree of stability. This also is at the price of not grooming true leaders and swiping political problems under the carpet. A balanced view is hard to derive.

I also agree that Maoists are bent on imposing one party and non democratic system. Given the scenario of inability of writing constitution and Maoists aggression, one way could be to revive 1990 constitution. Then
make appropriate amendments. After all, it is a republic constitution, i.e. sovereignty is with the people, not with the king. It was written in peace with the help of all the political parties and accepted by people. A
number of elections were conducted under it, where all the parties participated including Maoists. It also has ample provision for amendments, if need be.

It is not to say that 1990 constitution is better than the constitution to be written. But it is to say that given the current scenario a bad 'Khichdi' hotch potch of parliamentary and communist systems may be the result.

Let me also note that the Maoists insurgency in 1996 is against the democratically elected government. The death of over 13,000 Nepalese and destruction infrastructure is due to their attempt at imposing communism.

Let us remember that under the 1990 constitution Maoists also have right to peacefully present their case to people and get elected.


Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D.

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