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RE: Thanks for your response to "very biased article" on Paush 1

December 25, 2010
Dirgha Raj Prasai

Shree Dirgha Raj Prasai jee

I not only wish you good day but also wish you many a good days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries and millenniums to come.

Thanks a lot for appreciating my nationalistic thinking and approaches.

As I don’t have anyone to send to get your book, I would appreciate it if you could arrange to send it to my office at following address:

Water Supply Tariff Fixation Commission (I am a member of the commission)
41 AlokNagar Marg,
Min Bhawan, Kathmandu
Phone # 410 6583/410 6525

You can have the person phone ahead in order to be able to locate it easily.

To counter your argument of my article of first Paush being “very biased” I had challenged you to show/prove an iota of bias in my analysis of 2015 constitution and instead of doing anything as such you have changed gears and you are now “discovering” “confusion” in my writing. I again challenge to prove any confusion in that particular article of mine.

Neither was that particular article of mine on whether I like or dislike monarchy or whether Nepal, being different from other nations, needs or doesn’t need monarchy. You have also written about Hinduism and Buddhism and relevance of secularism for Nepal. That particular article of mine wasn’t even on this topic.

In this backdrop, it is obvious that you have alleged my article to be biased without a shred of evidence. Thanks for taking time to read my article and write to me.

Take care.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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From: Dirgha Raj Prasai []
Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2010 11:55
Subject: Thanks for your response.

Shree Ratna Sansar jee !

Good Day !

I highly appriciate your thinking and great nationalistic approaches.

Your articles about Hydro-power are very appriciated. I had also interpreted about our water resourses in my book which is -almost-800 papes. If you will send anybody I will send you to read 1st, last Cap. and water resourses and irrigation.
Dear Mr. Shrestha jee

But, politically, I found some confusion in your writting. Please, don;t mind. Be frank and tray to understand the realityof our country.

You see- minimizing the monarchy in Nepal, we never can adjust. Republican democracy can be institutionalized in other nations. However, Nepal is different to that of other nations. If Nepal remains a republic, as it lies between two boulders-China and India-it will not remain secure. In the absence of the royal institution Nepal could as well break into pieces. If Nepal continues to exist, it will not be democracy that would be established through communism. China will come forward for communism in Nepal. It is so because it is China's compulsion. If China does not communizes Nepal the foreigners and CIA will be subjected to the danger of foreign conspiracy of eternity-the free Tibet. Yes, 'continuity of royal institution is the only way for reforming the system of democracy by saving Nepal's existence and freeing it of communist's pressure and China's intervention. If People's Republic were to be established in Nepal and India, Britain,

America and other contractors of democracy would not be able to conspire and stop communism through bombardment. Althrough, it will bethe cause of great third war.
So in this sense, the conclusion could be that all sectors can opt for creative democratic path. It is our option to choose individual freedom in democratic system. Nepal will not prosper under communist system. If NC, UML and Maoist and other sides want a 'Sovereign-Nepal' then they should embrace 1990 Constitution and form an inclusive cabinet in the presence of King. We can reach a solution in this manner. There are no other alternatives. Nepal is called the Shangri-La, and the World Hindu Conference had passed a resolution that the earth of Nepal was worthy to be bowed down by Hindus all over the world. This is the highest honor Nepal could receive from the international community. Nepal is the country where both Hinduism and Buddhism originated and it is a scared land for more than a billion Hindus and Buddhists. Nepal's prestige and honor would elevate further if this country is declared a Hindu and Buddhist country, instead of a secular one.

Therefore, we must not take up anything that would become too burdensome to carry on. Nepal does not have any basis or foundation that could support republic. Carrying the slogan of a republic is not the solution of our country. Nepal needs a permanent institution that can shoulder the responsibility for its independence, national unity and sovereignty. Nepal needs a credible reply and response from all other parties that they are going to abolish the monarchy for-ever.

It is only my bargaining that as a nationalist you should oppose these traitors of party who are the agents of RAW and CIA.

Please, open- >< there you can read my article about Lord Buddha, Buddhism---. Please click my name or Colomist.

I think, you are bussy althrough, you have power to digest such obstacles.

OK ?

All the best.

Dirgha Raj Prasai

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