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RE: {Disarmed} Re: "Fall back" PPA

December 11, 2010
Paras Kharel


I do wonder if Lord Pashupatinath is able to help us! If He was willing, able and prepared to help us, then why didn’t he put in some love of the motherland and some honesty as well as integrity in the head and heart of these people! Either he is unable to help or just uninterested to do so!

Naturally, why should NEA even spend a little bit of ink to sign such PPAs for these projects? Interestingly, these documents don’t even try to hide the fact that these PPAs are just a sham; until the transmission line is ready. If the T/L is delayed, Nepal will get some power and once it is ready Nepal will stop receiving any power.

Nepal is also getting cheated in another way due to this arrangement. You are aware that export oriented projects have agreed to provide some free energy (10% west seti, 12% upper karnali and 21.9% arun III). But these projects have not made any such commitment and this arrangement will help them successfully avoid having to provide any such free energy.

NEA is fully involved in building the specific transmission line with money borrowed from World Bank. They know full well that the saying that this network will be used for import of power is a lie. Therefore, they are doing best to arrange power load for this network in order to justify borrowing money and building it; which naturally will result in some profit for them in terms of kickback from contractors.

Triveni group is owned by Sanghais who now claim to be more Nepali than you and me. Like all of these people of Indian origin they arrived here and “succeeded” in getting citizenship here. You are also right about NTDC.

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Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Dear Ratna Sansar ji,

Yes, only Lord Pashupatinath can help us now.

Am I right in understanding that since these projects are export oriented, NEA has no business to enter into PPA with their promoters. Or is it because the NEA has a stake in trasmission lines (for exports) being constructed, it has to sign PPA with these companies? Can you shed light on it?

By the way, isn't the Triveni group run by Indians? This group has got hold of Nepal's prime tea estates in the mad privatization drive that among others saw the privatization of the Nepal Tea Development Corporation (famous brands such as soktim, tokla, etc).




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