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Re: about Khimti

July 1, 2010
Paras Kharel

Paras jee

Thanks a lot for commiserating with me. You have "put your finger" at the right place. You are absolutely right about my campaign's link with this "yellow" journalism. I have yet to meet the editor, though. Meanwhile, I have been invited by the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament on coming Monday to discuss this very issue.

I have written (forecasted!) about all these with regard to Khimti and the potential "risks" to NEA in particular and Nepal in general in November 2000 (10 year before these people woke up to this scenario) which you can read by following the link below:

It was published in an international magazine specializing in Hydropower.
You are right in the sense that Khimti caused the breakthrough in attracting foreign investment in hydropower sector. Additionally, all this hullabaloo is created as the owners of Khimti have supposedly "taken" double of what they initially invested in 10 years. If one looks closely at the numbers of Chilime, it will not be difficult to discover that NEA has already paid double of what they initially invested in 6 years itself and by the end of
10 years NEA will in total pay 3.5 times. You can judge for yourself

With best regards,
Ratna Sansar

On 6/29/10, paras kharel wrote:

> Dear Ratna Sansar ji ,
> Sad to hear/read about you being wrongly accused of having signed PPA for Khimti project when your role was limited to that of a witness.The allegations against you may be part of a broader attempt to divert attention from your campaign against export-oriented projects. Hope your scheduled meeting with the editor that you have mentioned in your blog will yield some positive results. However, I would like to know about your take on Khimti. Can you provide me a link to any of your write-up where you have dealt with this issue? Do you subscribe to the view that the project is bleeding the country white? Can the mere fact that it was among the first PPAs to be signed by NEA, signalling that foreign investment can be tapped for hydropower generation for domestic consumption, be justified for the mind-boggling foreign exchange outflows from the project?

> Best regards,

> Paras

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