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Defamation by Kantipur

June 29, 2010
Mr Dipak Bastakoti


You need to read his piece yesterday rather closely. In it he has climbed down (conceded that I was merely a witness of the much damned document) but has failed to do so gracefully. However, he has continued to spew venom against me. Looks like he is conducting “mission” journalism against me. He must have more than an axe to grind against me. By the number of words he has invested in “describing” me in his piece yesterday he is hell bent on making a very big man out of me. He has spared a very few words for the ministers, secretaries and MD’s of NEA who decided (as well as were instrumental in deciding) to go ahead with the deal. But he was too kind towards me. Maybe with Kantipur’s help I will become an important person very soon. But you should remember old Nepali saying an elephant continues to walk, ignoring barking dogs.

You must also note that he has further corrected himself and has also stopped haranguing against me with regard to export of power from Arun III to India (his gripe was I kept silent about export of power from this project and I pointed out that he was incorrect). This time he is decrying my silence as to export of power from Takamoshi 3 and cites my opposition against West Seti project. Fact is: I am in principle very much against export of power while keeping Nepal in dark. As regards my writing articles, I have done so in the case of specific projects that have found their way into Supreme Court. What he is saying is like a wolf’s complaint against a lamb drinking water downstream for dirtying water upstream. GoN has issued licenses for about 11,000 MW and half of them are export oriented projects. I can’t be expected to write articles on each of them. I have written a number of articles against the concept of free energy from export oriented projects and dedicating projects as export oriented. However, I am not against export of power at all. The logical thing for Nepal is to export the power that we in Nepal cannot consume; but not at dirt cheap rate. My recommendation is: Nepal should buy all power from all projects, use most power in Nepal and export the rest at good price (at which we are importing from India).

Additionally in his piece yesterday, he also criticized me for asking for anti corruption action with regards to projects like west Seti et al and went on to say that action should be taken against me too for Khimti. I welcome it. if I have done any wrong I invite him, his publication and all anti corruption agencies of this country to prosecute me.

Although it looks as if he is continuing to criticize me, he actually has accepted his errors one by one.

PS: Pubic Accounts Committee of the Parliament has invited me next week to advise them on Khimti and Bhote Koshi matters. For a change a parliamentary committee like this respects me quite a lot.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

From: Dipak Bastakoti []
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 11:59
To: Ratna Sansar Shrestha

Subject: Re: Defamation by Kantipur
Ratna Sansar Sir,

I read another article by Bikash Thapa today and he is quite sure that there is some mistakes by you and other names he mentioned so he is pushing the matter in other way. If this project is looting from nepal as he says and you were the member of Himal power ( as secretary as we also see ) from the prospective of profit to nation, something wrong could have been there. I still believe that the Government should be in front to protect the national benefit first hand and shold think ahead of signing !
This article is quite good but I also can not agree to search for ministers from non political persons for decade and decade but we can assume that those who are experts serve as politicians as well, like Manamohan singh ??,,,, It all are affected by the level of our social thinking, education and culture !! It would be changed and those who are experts, capable would start to join political stream to develop the country !!


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