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Pancheshwar Project & Mahakali Treaty

July 24, 2009
Er Kiran Raj Joshi
Baghbazar, Kathmandu

Dear Kiranjee

Good to hear from you.

Although it does sound incredible, it, unfortunately, is the bitter truth. And it's not just the politicians. They were aided and abetted by the bureaucrats (like Secretary of MoWR and his underlings of the time) and so called water resource experts. These people are happily selling Nepal's interest for a few silvers.

You have asked: "Is the situation really that BAD?" To be truthful the answer is: it is worse. My analysis is based on the signed treaty. You too can find out the things I have said if you were to read the treaty closely (I can make the treaty available to you if you are interested).

Next question is why I have said it is worse. It is worse for two reasons. One, when time comes for the interpretation of the treaty for its implementation the politicos and bureaucrats in Nepal will interpret it such that it benefits India out of proportion (it would be natural for Indian politicos and bureaucrats to do so). Then at the time of construction many more compromises will be made such that Nepal doesn't get one tenth of what she is entitled to under the treaty. You don't have go too far to find evidence of it. The higher bed level of canal network to irrigate Nepal’s farmland compared to the other network irrigating land in India under Gandak project is a good example.

You have said that we are doomed to be ruled by such people. But what you need to remember is that the “people get the leaders they deserve” (this is a famous quote from the political science). Therefore, the fault lies in WE the people. Majority of people are not well educated and it’s not their fault that they don't understand most of these things. However, it is incumbent upon educated people like us to endeavor to understand things like these, educate others and raise voice against such things in unison. And rise against the corrupt politicos, bureaucrats and the like. As long as we don't do as such things will not change.

You have beseeched the God to help us. No, GOD will not come down to help us. We have to get our act together to help ourselves (I hope you remember that "God helps those who help themselves").

Take care and keep in touch.

With best regards,

Ratna Sansar Shrestha,

From: Kiran Joshi [mailto:kiranrajjoshi@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2009 14:22
To: Ratna Sansar Shrestha
Subject: Re: Pancheshwar

Dear Ratna Sansarji,

Yes! I read your article in the GP today. I can't believe that Nepali politicians can stoop solow to compromise our National interests for their personal vested benefits.

Is the situation really that BAD? Nepalis have been suffering through the centuries and I do not see any peace, prosperity and progress in the near future. We are doomed to be ruled by thugs, liars and idiots.

May God help us.

Kiran R. Joshi

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 11:54 AM, Ratna Sansar Shrestha <rsansar@mos.com.np> wrote:
Dear Colleague

Gorkhapatra has published the attached article in today's edition. I am forwarding it to you in case you have yet to read it.

Please do feel free to forward it those who you think should read this article or would like to read it. Thanks.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA

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