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Many development projects proved not in favor of Nepalese people but made billionaire to the side walker in the street ! Re: Pancheshwar

July 27, 2009

Shree Lal Bahadur Thapa
Kathmandu, Nepal

Dear Lal Bahadurjee

I am glad to know you and know that you are amongst the few people that do understand how Nepal is getting cheated.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha

From: Lal Bahadur Thapa []
Sent: Sunday, July 26, 2009 14:33
To: Shree Govind ShahCc: Ratna Sansar Shrestha
Subject: Many development projects proved not in favor of Nepalese people but made billionaire to the side walker in the street ! Re: Re: Pancheshwar

Dear Dr. Shah,

Namaste and greetings !

I salute for disseminating this information up to me. I agreed 100% on proper words used by Mr. Ratna Sansar Shrestha. Your article was concerned into Pancheswor. You know the similar tricks have been applied in almost all development projects by so called politicians and their allies backed by the thugs, liars and idiot (as mentioned by Kiran ji) bureaucrats. We all know it is crossed more than forty years of SUNSARI MORAG SINCHAI story, Narayani Lift Irrigation, Janakpur Agriculture Development Project, Ground Water Deep Tub well project, Bhairahawa Lumbini Ground Water Scheme, many of the hydro-powers. We are the victims from future Melamchi Drinking water project. The development creates space but it is not applicable to the consumers of Kathmandu. Price hike but no water in the tap. Might be theory of development creats space applicable to the local people of Okharpauwa but what is the fate of residents of Kathmandu valley? Is it not our corrput politicians, their buearocrats and their allies responsible for the garbage politics?

Why do alwyas NEA repair the machine of Kulekhani/ Marsyangdi in the rainy seaon along with a huge gift of Load sheding? Lets not talk about the raod development projects and the fate of Nepalese people in general. We are looted, our precious national heritages have been taken away. In the name of visiting Nepal in the form of so called tourists raped to motherland and her most impotant biological resources. The patent has been registered in their concerned countries. Who should open the mouth on such issues? Is it not the driver who is in the State steering? If drivers are dring us in wrong direction shall we not meet an accident?

It is obvious that the corrupt politicians learned to be more corrupted from the chronic bureaucrats.

Alternatively, if there are some politicians who claimed ownself uncorrupted coming out in the street. Must prove and declare ownself as uncorrupted 95% intellectuals and more than 90% people give full phase support only in one condition if such leader/ politicians is ready to be publicly sanctioned together with the corrupt bureaucrats and so called advisers.

But people do not have faith on the state machinery with corrupt minded so called public servant the bureaucrats nation which will impart an adequate sanctioned to them who have been involved in a grand looting the chastity of mother Nepal a lot in the past and pushed Nepal to one of the most beggar country in the world through their past misdeeds.

If the culprits are made free from so called politicians who were reported by Rayamajhi Commission and is continuation of impunity to them who were reported even by Mallik Commission. These people are free like a wild elephant or the BULLS of ASON What can people expect from these so called STATEMANSHIP who are only running to drink milk throwing out a decomposed flies from the cup.

"Sabailai Chetana Bhaya"

Thank you,


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