Sunday, August 14, 2011

RE: FW: Way forward for west seti project

August 14, 2011
Lalit Prasad Joshi


Thanks a lot for sending your comments.

Not all of those who are deemed to be "elite" are against my opinion. I know quite a few amongst the elite who see eye to eye with me.

I too agree with your opinion in this respect.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Dear R.S. Shrestha Ji

Your article is quite informative, logical and in favor of nation.

Except the elite nobody is against your opinion. Most of the article related with hydro are forwarded to my colleuges. One points I want to mention here is that since long Reliance power of India has agreed to purchase the west seti hydro license and ready to pay the spent money by west seti company however west seti discarded the offer. One thing in hydro sector I have a opinion that GON should build attractive hydro project at least one in each region. Here in Nepal central region is prefered even in the mind of donor agency. This mentality can only be change by the people like you. Keep it up.

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