Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Re: Risks of provincialization on ethnocentric lines

April 20, 2011
Bihari K Shrestha

Bihari jee

I am attaching a map delineating 14 provinces which will provide you with not only the names of the proposed provinces but the area proposed to be covered by these provinces, pursuant to your request.

Yes, the unelected interim parliament didn’t have right to declare it and Supreme Court has aggravated the problem by declaring that the federalism is “unalterable.”

Even Maoists didn’t understand the manifestations and ramification of declaring Nepal a federal state at the time they forced other political parties to do so. Now, during informal discussion, many of them, at higher echelons of the party, have admitted as much. The idea of restructuring on ethnocentric lines has now become an albatross in their neck and many of them have confessed to it. But publicly they are unable to back out for two reasons. This has become a prestige issue for them (loss of face involved) and after having raised expectation of people clamoring for restructing on ethnocentric lines they are too far inside a one way street with not much latitude to back out. We will need to help them back out from the impossible situation with as little loss of face for them as is humanly possible.

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Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Dear Ratnajee,

It worked. Thank you. Do you have the list of 14 provinces that you have referred to in your article? I would appreciate receiving it.
Your contention that the unelected parliament that enacted the interim constitution just did not have the mandate to declare Nepal a federation is indeed very strong. In Europe, they go for referendum even for deciding whether they should adopt Euro as their currency. Here! They could not care less about the sanctity of democratic practices. As it was, Maoists imposed federalism as one of the conditions, and the other parties, basically struggling to survive, found their security in quickly agreeing to it. Where was the people's wish in it?

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