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RE: My article in Gorkhapatra on on reviving 2047 constitution

April 3, 2010

Mr Bihari K Shrestha


You are, unfortunately, absolutely right that we never have had a statesman in the proper sense of the term. Actually, sycophants are busy abusing the term by bestowing it on people who don’t deserve to be called as such at all.

However, there is a saying that people get the leadership they deserve. In other words, as long as we the people don’t show the place they deserve to these people they will continue to rule (including misrule) over us.

Therefore, it is incumbent on the citizenry like you and me to point out if the emperor is naked. Even amongst the so called intelligentsia of Nepal very few people speak up against the wrong doing of these politicos. People like you are a rare exception. Therefore, it is also incumbent on us to spread the word, make our countrymen aware and persuade them to speak up against the misdeeds of this crop of so called leaders; there is rampant apathy towards these things. Unless this gets replicated (people speaking up) and a mass movement is initiated, we, the people of Nepal, will be condemned to wallow in “this” for ever and we will be condemning our future generations too.

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Ratna Sansar Shrestha

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Dear Ratanjee,

Both Birendra and Gyanendra had opportunities served them in silver platter, but they were obviously not even aware of them. But the problem is that one can see of no single politician in Nepal upon whom any hope can be banked. The present bunch is composed of nothing but thieves, dacoits and murderers. Given such a situation, I consider this whole CA and constitution writing exercise an utter waste of time and resources, because at the end of the day, it is these same politicians who will find themselves at the helm to implement it. The question is not what kind of constitution, but who the statesman to lead the nation.



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