Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30, 2010
Mr Bihar Krishna ShresthaCc:
Dear Biharijee

Thanks a lot for your solidarity.

At this time of instability and transition, an institution like Supreme Court would be expected to be more responsible and restrained. It should have contemplated very hard before issuing its decree as such. But that was not to be. I have come to know that some people are trying to drag me to the Supreme Court on contempt of court. I am prepared to face any such music. If I am to be penalized for saying out aloud that the emperor is naked when he actually is, I have no problem. In that case we will have to accept that we don't have genuine democracy yet.

We used to have monarchy as an institution above law and beyond questioning by his "subjects", which now has been eliminated. Therefore, my take is that Supreme Court cannot become another absolute institution which could be above criticism. I hope the justices are able to make distinction between malicious contempt of it and genuine criticism of its debatable verdict.

With best regards,Sincerely,Ratna Sansar Shrestha, fcaSenior Water Resource Analyst
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Dear Ratnajee,
It is a great piece. It certainly presents an irrefutable stand as to the legitimacy of the CA after its 2 year term. Congrats.
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