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Re: [NNSD] RE: Newa Rajya

April 24, 2010

Mr Shyamal Shrestha


Thanks for a joining in the discourse.

Yes, its time for people to rise above ethno-cultural-religious-linguistic groupings and think about the matter from national perspective. People also need to remember that the identities of each ethno-cultural-religious-linguistic group will survive only if Nepal is to survive. For example Newa identity is intact because we are in Nepal. Outside Nepal it is unable to survive. We just need to look at people of Newa origin in India.

Therefore, first and foremost I am a Nepali and only then I am a Newa. Hence, I will do everything possible under the sun to ensure that Nepal doesn’t follow Yugoslavia’s path by fragmenting this tiny country into over 100 provinces on ethnic lines (although they have proposed only 10 provinces on ethnic lines now, but by going on this tangent we will be forced to have 90 other ethnic provinces to satisfy other ethnic communities as well).

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Ratna Sansar Shrestha

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I agree with you Ratna ji. While assertion of identity is a right, we need to look at the bigger picture as well. 'Two wrongs do not make a right' and the current demands for ethnic-based provinces neither is neither economically viable not pragmatic from an administrative point of view. Its simply seeking glorify in one's own ethnic identity rather than taking the entire country and its people forward.

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Dear Proponent of Newa Rajya

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