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Re: Your article on Karnali project in "Yo Sata"

March 1, 2010
Mr Bihari Krishna Shrestha

Dear Bihari Krishnajee

Yes, there is a section of so called intelligentsia who are prepared to mortgage Nepal’s sovereignty and he seems to be a representative of that clique. Perhaps they are just giving continuity to what BP Koirala had to say when Nepal sought membership of UN. I recall having read that he opposed the move by saying something to the effect of Nepal not being entitled to it as she is supposed to be some sort of an administrative unit of greater India.

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Ratna Sansar Shrestha

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Dear Ratna sansarjee,

Thank you for the information. The information on Upper Karnali, particularly about is much larger potential capacity, was very instructive. I am sure not many Nepalis are aware of this aspect of the problem. I hope the apex court takes up the case soon.

I once had the opportunity of listening to Radhesyamjee speak, and he seemed to be convinced that Indian security interest should have precedence over Nepal's own priorities in our approach to Indo-Nepal relations. His wriitngs quoted by you in your response to him seemed to further confirm it.

Thank you once again, and look forward to continue to receiving such informative communication.

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Bihari Krishna Shrestha
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Mr Radheshyam Adhikari
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Dear Radheshyamjee

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