Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Women" and Declaration of autonomous states/provinces

December 21, 2009
Ms Lucky Sherpa
Member, Constituent Assembly

Lucky jee

In the rush to declare Nepal a federal state and UCPNM’s declaration of autonomous states/provinces, prematurely, people have simply neglected to contemplate the issue of “women”. It could also be due to the fact that “women” aren’t even in a position to lodge claim for their own separate “autonomous state/province” as have ethno-cultural/linguist groups have done. I am apprehensive that, at this rate women will continue to be excluded and marginalized.

I am surprised that very few women are raising these very pertinent issues. You have my full support.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha

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Dear Dr.Lawati and Freinds

Thanks for your insights.

Indeed we are in process of restructuring the state and federalism is one of the way to manage diversity of our country. The only thing is how best we can manage the diversity.
So far while we are in process of crafting a state structure, we are setting up a basic criteria as identity and resource availability, but many experts are designing the structure only through majorotorian concept, but if we are addressing the issues of identity then one who holds less then one percentage of population has a right to have state.

Some questions i have on Federalism debate.
  • Will the Ethnic Federalims gaurantee the rights of Women?
  • How many ethnic states will be leaded by women?
  • How the minorities rights will be ensured in Ethnic federal structure?

With Best Wishes

Lucky Sherpa
Constituent Assembly

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