Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Re: ADB pulling out of West Seti project

November 30, 2009
Mr YB Thapa
Former Memeber
National Planning Commission

Depends on which from which perspective you are looking at it. There are people everywhere in my analysis.

  • In my concern for displacement not only by the reservoir but also in 5 VDCs in Banke that isn’t even covered by EIA.
  • Similarly, my concern for people is manifest in being deprived for using cost effective peak-energy.
  • In being short changed in terms of missing the opportunity to increase cropping intensity in the downstream areas – in over 250,000 ha – and become prosperous.

I could keep in going on but I will have to repeat all the things I have written in the article which does not make sense.

I am amazed at your failure to see it. I urge you to read my article more carefully.

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Ratna Sansar Shrestha

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Rantn ji

Where are people in yiur analysis

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Dear Mr Senga

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