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Re: My article on federalism

August 23, 2009
Mr Prkash Shrestha

Thanks for the solidarity. I would like to add one sentence. Newa identity is like the fish that will not survive outside the water which is this motherland. If one is to look around except for few cultural activities like Teej most of the major cultural events of Nepal are based on Newa culture. Similarly, what is famed as Nepali architecture is actually Newa architecture. Therefore, it is in Newa interest to ensure that our motherland (Nepal) doesn’t disintegrate. Even the name Nepal is borrowed from us by the Khas people, if people were to care to remember. Khas people from Gorkha conquered “Nepal”. Generally the conquers annex the vanquished territory in their nation. But Gorkha conquers annexed everything including their own kingdom Gorkha into Nepal.

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Ratna Sansar Shrestha

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Re: My article on federalism

Ratna Sansarju,

I totally agree with you if Nepal cannot exist, our identity cannot exist. Therefore, we must save Nepal from being torn apart into pieces in the name of culture, language and ethnicity.We all must put national interest first than ethnicities. Let's stand we all against to those, either the people of left or right, who wished to see our small country be divided into pieces based upon ethnicity and language. We should not be afraid to speak out what our heart and ethic say. People may call us anti-newa, pro-khas, mandale, pro-Panchayet era, you are riding wrong horse, etc. etc. Ignore such distractions, noises and allegations to speak the truth and reality to save our nation from weakening and breaking-up before it gets too late. And more importantly their allegations are not true.



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