Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Did PM Koirala say that 3 previous Koirala PMs committed anti national act?

PM’s Koirala, giving an interview to Telegraph Nepal, has said that “Do not take me as one of the Koiralas who sold our rivers”. He went on to add that “I will not let antinational act to take place in the country”

His statement is hollow at best” and that is exactly what he has done.

First of all, it is astounding to hear a statement from him implying that Koirala brothers indeed “sold” Nepal’s rivers. It is surprising as it is coming from a Koirala brother himself. People firmly do believe that Matrika, BP and GP Koirala respectively did “sell” Koshi, Gandaki and Mahakali rivers and he is just corroborating that. I wonder if his brothers would turn in their respective graves in discomfort, if they were to "read" this statement.

His assertion that “I will not commit a treachery” stands contradicted by his own actions. He was instrumental in, among others, signing PDA for upper Karnali project as a RoR project with just 900 MW as installed capacity. The full potential of the site is 4,180 MW according to study conducted with World Bank loan. This is comparable to selling diamond as coal, both of which are based in carbon and found in mines. Therefore, this itself amounts to treason on his part.

The PDA also amounts to sell out of national interest as the site, if developed at full potential, would have resulted in generation of lean season augmented flow of water by 500 m3/s, which can irrigate up to 1.5 million hectares of agricultural land in lower riparian areas. This project not only would have generated 4 times more electricity but the lean season augmented flow would have ensured water security, food security and energy security. This is a clear case of betrayal of interest of our motherland, compounding his treachery.

What has come as adding insult to injury is the fact that PDA has provision in Section 10.14A for export of 12% free energy that Nepal is to be given. One of the justifications of concluding the PDA in great hurry was the possibility of receiving free energy and mitigation of load shedding partly with that energy. If 88% is exported by GMR and 12% exported by GoN, nothing will be left to reduce Nepal’s load shedding. It is clearly detrimental to Nepal’s interest.

In this backdrop his “assurance” not only has no substance but in effect he has given continuity to what 3 previous Koirala PMs did – “sell” Karnali River, which is the only river that hadn’t been “sold” off to India by his 3 previous Koirala PMs.

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Bijaya said...

Butchered billions Raped Millions in '47 by great Non violence a cowardice act of Gandhi Nehru Du do. Isn't Sir.Indian freedom was a gifted freedom British left India in the hands of their Henchman Nehru.Brown Shaheb (Indian Ambassador)following the path of Indira who said we will take Nepal not by guns but by ballot.They want to colonize Nepal like Sikkim.