Saturday, December 7, 2013

Is reinstatement of monarchy possible? Part 4

Although I am an anti-monarchist of long standing, I also believe that the people of the country are sovereign and whatever the majority of the people decide, the fate of the country shall be determined accordingly. Meaning I was willing to accept reinstatement of monarchy in Nepal if people had voted for its reinstatement. However, RPP-N, only party that “fought” the election on the plank of reinstatement of monarchy and Hindu state, succeeded to secure only 24 seats, that too through proportional representation – it failed to win even one seat under FPTP – which amounts to 4.17% of 575 seats. This percentage is undoubtedly an improvement over the position last time (4 out of 564), but this will not even make a dent on the anti-monarchy stance of the majority of the sovereign people – more than 95%.

Perhaps, Kamal Thapa, president of RPP-N has stated that "Monarchy, Hindu state ‘negotiable’ based on the election verdict.

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Subodh Rana said...

Here we don't know how many people voted for Congress and UML to make sure Maoists do not win. Their votes were not a referendum on monarchy or Hindu Rashtra. I think we need to take this into account.