Thursday, November 28, 2013

Is reinstatement of monarchy possible, as election is over and counting of FPTP is also completed? – Part 3

During the election campaign a lot of noise was made about reinstatement of monarchy. However, RPP Nepal was the only party that fought election by using reinstatement of monarchy as a plank and it didn’t succeed to even win a seat under FPTP (it was completely wiped out). In the normal course it would have been possible to imagine of reinstatement of monarchy if the party that fought election on the plea of reinstatement of monarchy was to win a little more than 50% seats –for simple majority.

However, the game isn’t over for the idea of “reinstatement of monarchy” as the counting of votes of proportional representation is still ongoing and it will be possible to form a firm opinion about it only after that. These people must be keeping their fingers crossed.

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