Monday, November 18, 2013

Is reinstatement of Monarchy subsequent to the election tomorrow possible?

Some people are talking of reinstatement of monarchy after the CA election tomorrow. I have been an anti-monarchist for more than 3 decades, but being a true believer of democratic governance, I cannot have any objection if at least the majority of Nepal’s electorate vote the monarchy back in.

Out of more than 100 odd parties, only one party, RPP-N is campaigning for the election with reinstatement of monarchy as one of its objectives in its election manifesto. Therefore, the million dollar question is whether that party will be able to win majority seats in direct election as well as in proportional votes in this election.

What shouldn’t be forgotten is the fact that monarchy was abolished by the last CA by 560 votes against 4 votes out of 564 CA members present; monarchy was abolished by 99.29% - in a highly overwhelming manner.

Therefore, there is very slim possibility that monarchy will get reinstated this time around.

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