Thursday, September 27, 2012

State capture by NC or UCPNM

Care taker PM Bhattarai has expressed apprehension that if he is to hand over the “state” to Nepali Congress, they will never conduct election and capture the “state” forever. It manifests one of the two things:

• He may be right and NC may want to perpetuate itself unconstitutionally.

•  Maybe it reflects what the care taker PM himself has been planning and doing and plans to perpetuate it under such pretext.

Therefore, the best alternative is formation of non-political government, comprising people with clean image and cleaner conscience with express ToR to (1) conduct referendum regarding ethnocentric federalism or else, (2) to conduct election of both parliament and local bodies (with 3 boxes, simultaneously, for the voters). This government will hand over the charge to the elected government which will assist the parliament to proclaim/promulgate new constitution after incorporating people’s verdict in the work already completed by the CA.

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