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RE: [NNSD] IGP Selection

11 Sep 2012

Arun Dhoj Adhikari through NNSD


There is an oft-quoted saying that the people get the leadership they deserve. Is this the kind of leadership the people of Nepal deserve? Main manifestations of the leadership so far in modern Nepal are greed, nepotism, incompetence, indifference towards the people; with rare exceptions. They can stoop so low that, they will sell anything to the highest bidder. Now the post of IGP is on the bidding block and we, the sovereign people of Nepal are unable to stop it for lack of a control mechanism. CIAA, some time back, worked as a deterrent. Now they have succeeded to render it ineffectual.

The likes of you and I (and a substantial number of members of NNSD), of course, don’t agree that we have done anything to deserve this kind of leadership. But we have had this kind of leadership and looks like there is nothing for us to do. The likes of you and me, again of course, have been doing our level best, but we, unfortunately, are in minority. Majority, with not much education are indifferent for various reasons. Some too busy to bother with such “niceties” as they are too preoccupied earning a livelihood, in Nepal or abroad. Others, even highly educated ones are indifferent towards the plight, or are even “making hay while sun shines”.

The solution, of course, lies in raising the voices in concert which the likes of us are already doing and NNSD has been instrumental in it by providing a forum. The only thing, an important one, is to continue to do so which at times aren’t effective. But we don’t have right to despair and give up. I just hope more and more members of NNSD too will speak up, not only in this forum but in every available ones.

May truth prevail eventually (if we continue relentlessly)!

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Sent: Monday, September 10, 2012 18:57
Subject: [NNSD] IGP Selection

Where on earth are positions like those of IGP and Director Generals of infrastructure departments sold off to the highest bidder? It is rumored that the IGP post is carrying a bid value of 20 crores. If that is indeed the case and the civil society choses to remain silent over such a sensitive issue, do we then reserve the right to expect the police force to be professional, upright and duty-bound. Let the best candidate prevail.


arun dhoj adhikary

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