Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hydrocratic dreams

May 21, 2011
Dear colleague
I wonder why do you ask me to “start analyzing the disaggregated energy needs for different uses” because I am not the appropriate authority for the purpose. This is the kind of exercise that an agency like planning commission needs to take up. This exercise will need substantial database, requiring conducting baseline survey to work out start disaggregated energy needs for different uses. All of this will need quite a lot of time, money and energy which is not available to me as a private citizen. I take it you do realize that I go on my writing spree in my private capacity.
However, if I am consulted by planning commission whether they should start analyzing the disaggregated energy needs for different uses, my recommendation will be no need to bother at this juncture. I have my reasons. Alternative sources of energy like solar and wind is useful for lighting purposes (including some limited infotainment) only. Biogas for mainly cooking. Nepal needs quite a lot of electric energy for industrialization which will generate employment and it is not possible to use alternative sources of energy for this purpose. Besides, life cycle cost of alternative sources of energy tends to be higher by a magnitude and, therefore, for a nascent economy like that of Nepal, alternative sources of energy is unaffordable for mainstream uses. Rich European countries have resorted to alternative sources to spruce up their image; green one.
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Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Thanx...interesting article...however, can you please start analyzing the disaggregated energy needs for different uses?...I still feel our energy policy simply by saying we produce this much there is a shortfall of so much does not help at all...


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Using hydro-dollars to mitigate our trade deficit is a mirage

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