Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SP Ramesh Kharel

November 2, 2010
To: NNSD members

Dear all

I too was very highly impressed by the integrity demonstrated by SP Ramesh Kharel. I was impressed to such an extent that I sought out a reference to him, called him on his cell phone, requested for an appointment and eventually trekked to Hanuman Dhoka and got to meet him. He was so busy that our meeting materialized after Dashain, although I had located his number before Dashain and phoned immediately; naturally though.

He was very perplexed that I was seeking an appointment with him with no police business and no favor to ask. I explained to him that I wanted to meet him in person to show my appreciation of his integrity and express my solidarity with him.

After talking with him for about 15 minutes (interrupted by a number of calls on his 2 cell phones and 2 land lines in the line of his duty) I learnt that not only his determination was instrumental in his being incorruptible but his family’s solidarity with him in his endeavor to maintain the integrity seems to have contributed a lot in making him a police officer of integrity.

I have come to understand that family pressure forces a person to resort to corrupt practices. In the case of Ramesh Kharel, his family as has helped him set an example. Therefore, my salute to Kharel family; which comprises of Mrs Kharel teaching in college and a son and daughter.

The two of us have sort of joined a mutual admiration club.

In this backdrop I agree with Hari Pradhanjee that we need to raise voice to ensure that SP Kharel isn’t penalized unjustly for being an upright police office. Additionally, let’s nominate his name for the second position in the white list that I had proposed.

May our country be populated by many more Paudyals and Kharels.

Happy Tihar to all.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Dera Hariji,

I fully agree with you. Satile Sarapeko Desh ke Bhannu?..Let's join hand to hand, create a strong voice to stop RAmesh Kharel/him. Thank you for your kind concern.

Prof. Ganesh Man Gurung


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From: Hari Pradhan
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Subject: [NNSD] RE: God will ask.....
... and then the modern Gods (people) will put fullow up question "Did you continue your service?".

If you intend to do so, the assignment is ahead, as presented in the Kathmandu Post (29 Oct Friday, front page - bottom): A widely recognized good Cop - Mr. Ramesh Karel - is likely to be chased out from Kathmandu. Lets see how many of us will join hands, at least raise voice, to stop this decision, in case it happens.

Hari Pradhan

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