Friday, November 12, 2010

RE: [NNSD] RE: SP Ramesh Kharel[ He would be SP in Kathmandu]

November 12, 2010
Hari Pradhan, PhD

Dear Hari jee

As the email from Bishnu Rijal (Press Advisor to PM) was forwarded by Ashikjee, I have no reason to not to believe the content. Therefore, at the moment, at least, we have a firm commitment from the proper authority. I agree with you that this manifests victory of people’s voice aired through this forum: NNSD which deserves to be thanked profusely. We hope in unison that the words coming out of PMO will be put to action.

Some members of the forum have expressed apprehension that Kathmanduites are proposing to monopolize SP Kharel. That is not true. I agree with them that they too deserve the services of an upright person like him. Through this forum we are just asking to ensure that he is allowed to serve his full term and isn’t transferred away from here prematurely.

This will not only raise the morale of other upright police officers but also encourage others to emulate SP Kharel as they will learn that services of police officers of integrity is appreciated by the netizens (citizens on the net through NNSD) in particular and people of Nepal in general.

You will recall that we had launched a campaign through this forum to free higher education from politics but, notwithstanding the assurance made by PM Nepal at that time, we don’t have much to show. However, if we succeed to ensure that SP Kharel is allowed to continue through till his term then this will be implementation of words of the higher authority in reality.

I really like your idea of raising our voice for change under this banner.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Subject: {Disarmed} RE: [NNSD] RE: SP Ramesh Kharel[ He would be SP in Kathmandu]
Dear Shrestha ji and Aruna ji

If the information provided by Malla ji is correct, i think this must be a good news. In this case, the worry was not the transfer of an officer, the worry presumably was 'yet another example of victory of evil'. Though we are not sure, how far the discussions we made on Mr. Kharel's issue influneced the decision, still it can be considered that if people pick right voice on right time and let the concerned authorities know about, we can be hopeful about the right outcome.

My own personal opinion is that it is high time for ordinary citizens, primarily the educated mass, raise voices in peaceful manner and bring changes, at least, in the areas they can. So taking example from this case, can we raise simple issues that have been problem for common people and try to influence, at least, the responsible officers, if not the politicians. Can we start these efforts under the banner of 'IT-based Struggle for Change'?


Hari Pradhan, PhD


Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 06:41:24 +0545
Subject: [NNSD] RE: SP Ramesh Kharel[ He would be SP in Kathmandu]

Dear Ashik Malla
Thanks a lot for sharing following email with us. I, especially, like the part where Bishnu Rijal, Press Advisor to the Prime Minister, says that “if somebody tries to replace him from ktm, he (that somebody) will be replaced immediately.” This is a very important achievement for several reasons (provided that the assurance will be kept).

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