Friday, June 11, 2010

Re: ...thought Kantipur didn't indulge in yellow journalism

June 11, 2010
Mr Sudhir Sharma
Vernacular Daily

I must congratulate you for your resourcefulness in being able to dig up the attached documents, made available by your correspondent. And I thank you for confirming that it was not I who executed the PPA with NEA, in contrast to what your paper reported last Monday. From the document you have unearthed it is absolutely clear that the PPA was executed by Mr Harwood on behalf of Himal Power Company and Mr Thakur on behalf of NEA. As I mentioned in my email of 7t June, I was merely a witness to the signing of the PPA. You will agree with me that this document corroborates my statement.

Your correspondent has tagged his email as "TATHYA AAFAI BOLCHHA" (fact speaks for itself) and I fully agree with him (I am glad that I could agree with him for a change). The document he has produced goes on to prove what I mentioned in my initial email that I signed the document as a witness and the PPA was signed on behalf of Himal Power Limited by a person with necessary right and authority. In other words, this document availed by your correspondent contradicts what he has reported and repeated in the email below that I signed the document on behalf of HPL and proves that I signed it as a witness only.

Your paper has portrayed me as a villain for executing the PPA wrongly and your correspondent has, in his email below, continued to harp that I “signed on behalf of Himal Power Company” wrongly. This can happen for two reasons. One, your publication, publishing house, editorial team and correspondent are unaware of the distinction between what is the role and responsibility who signs a document and that of a witness. I would like to believe that this is not the case.

Two, there is a possibility that you could be doing this to slander/libel/defame me. If this is the case then I would be impelled to explore what course is open to me to mitigate the damage your publication has meted out to me.

I have noted with curiosity that your paper has spared Mr Thakur from the list of “villains”; he actually signed the PPA on behalf of NEA. Although I am glad for Mr Thakur, but has also got me wondering what is involved in him being spared!

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha

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Dear All,


I need not to comment on Ratna Sansar's claims. But here is the image of
PPA of Khimti, where 'Senior Water Resources Analyst'(?) Mr.Shrestha has
signed on behalf of Himal Power Company. We all know that how much Khimti
has been looting to Nepalese people.

Bikash Thapa

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