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RE: FW: ...thought Kantipur didn't indulge in yellow journalism

June 13, 2010

Dipak Bastakoti


I don’t know about the likes of the people (mainly politicos) you have mentioned, but I, for one, am determined to pursue the line you have recommended to the extent possible. However, it will not be prudent to take it too far such that the proverb of man biting back a dog to revenge the dog biting the man comes true.

I have noted with interest the example you have cited. However, unfortunately for a person in Nepal, Singapore is like heaven and Nepal will need to endeavor quite a lot to reach there and Nepal will never reach there with current crop of leaders. Perhaps for that very reason politicos keep on citing example of Singapore and promise to convert Nepal into Singapore ad nauseaum.

Having been practicing as a legal professional for last 35 years I know quite a lot about court system of that country. Due to that very reason foreign investors coming to invest in Nepal, for example, chose courts of Singapore to settle disputes. Courts in Nepal are neither that efficient nor are they free of corruption.

I will be testing the system here to see if it protects an ordinary citizen or joins hand with yellow journalism.

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Ratna Sansar Shrestha

From: Dipak Bastakoti []
Sent: Saturday, June 12, 2010 13:38
Subject: Re: FW: ...thought Kantipur didn't indulge in yellow journalism

Dear All,

I am personally also always unhappy with Nepalese Media, Nepalese intellectuals, top government officials and Nepalese politicians as other million poors and marignalized citizens. After my ability to read, write and know national and international circumstances we can imagine, how you top class people are getting benefits from those who are unware of 'ALL CHALAKHEL " through which you all earn good life !!

If the fact is true from Bikash Thapa and Kantipur, how we can believe LAXMAN GHIMIRE, who make loud noise about current political situation and who objects many issues raised by Maoist Party.

How I can say good to PRADIP NEPAL, who always refuse to accept the issues raised by Maoist Party and marginalized peoples ??

How can we believe on these Water, Resources, bla bla experts if this is true and how we can believe the projects and programs they suggest truly benefit the millions poor people living in the villages with all miseries..

If this is not true why these media people are killing others respect ??? Press freedom, is highly raised but are we looking for the freedom of press who can kill someone ( Sirisha Karki ), Who can defame and quickly circulate disrespect of all our political leaders who truly sacrifice their life for others ? Who always put oil on fire of social clashes and conflicts ?

Please Ratna sansar sir , if you are right take this case to court and get millions of rupees from Bikash Thapa or Kantipur just like what the singapore primeminister and family is doing time to time from foreign media so noone can write against them:

Put your all effort so Sudhir or Bikash like journalists never ever can try to defame anyone,,,with the weapon of PRESS FREEDOM..

The line below for your kind reference !!

For the article “All in the Family,” written by Philip Bowring and published in the 15 February 2010 issue of the International Herald Tribune. As well as an apology, this US media company had to pay 114,000 US dollars in damages.


Dipak Bastakoti
Pandrung, 02 Jarang

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