Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[NNSD} Federalism

January 23, 2010

Mr Pradip Nepal
Former Water Resource Minister

Dear Pradipjee

I am glad that you have come out with a very strong (also blunt) statement. We the concerned people of Nepal, expressing solidarity with you, would like to know what we could do to stop the members of CA from doing this.

Since you are a powerful member of UML party, we would appreciate it if you get your party to understand the ramifications of what you have said and your party is to do something before it’s too late to stem the downward slide. As the old saying goes, it’s not prudent to do things in this hurried fashion, only to repent in leisure. By that time, unfortunately, it would already have been too late.

There must be something ordinary people like yours truly, who are not associated/involved with any political party, also could do. If there is, besides, what we already are doing, something the likes of us could do, please let us know. We are ever ready to ensure that we could stop them from destroying our motherland.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha

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You the member of SAMBIDHANSHAVA(Constitution Assembly) are going to destroy the motherland.Let's song the gloomy and sad song
>-- प्रदीप नेपालpradipnepal.com
....On 1/21/10, khimlal devkota title="mailto:khimlaldevkota@gmail.com" href="mailto:khimlaldevkota@gmail.com">khimlaldevkota@gmail.com> wrote:>
Thank you for your kind and quick response and concerns. The committee has finished their job within given time 7th amended scheduled 14 province voted by mejority another desending opinion is also> recognised 600+members are free to voice in CA. It is just preliminary> one take it positively and please send suggestions for refine and make it practicle.>>
Khimlal Devkota

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