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Re: Federalism is fraught with potential failure

September 6, 2009
Mr Ambika Adhikari
Dear Ambikajee

Thanks for your encouraging words. You are right. I did sit before my laptop to write this article hoping to open the eyes of people. This article is somewhat based on the talk I delivered at GAA forum last Thursday (other speakers on the panel were Dr Krishna Bhattachan, Jainendra Jivan and Dr Shankar Sharma).

I do take trouble to write articles, hoping that my writings will benefit the politicos, besides others; expecting at least that a discourse will be triggered. However, I am disappointed that the moderators of NNSD have been suppressing my articles by not circulating to its members since early January 2009 (except for an article on Pancheshwar, circulated on 18th August after I expressly talked to Arjun Dhakal on the phone enquiring as to why was I being blacked out).

In the case of following article also I talked to Arjun jee before sending it for circulation and he sort of promised to circulate it but …

I do realize that it is their “system” and they are free to make policy decisions but I strongly feel that such policies should be at least prudent. I wonder if they will circulate this email.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha,

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Dear Ratna Sansar jee

Congratulations on the very timely and thoughtful article. I am certain politicians and leaders and Nepal will benefit from your insights and analysis in this piece.

With regards.

Ambika Prasad Adhikari, Dr. Des., AICP
Senior Planner, SRPMIC, Scottsdale, and
Faculty Associate, Arizona State University
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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Jumping the gun

Federalism is fraught with potential failure

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