Saturday, November 7, 2015

Re: India's vested interest in Nepal's water & federalism

Dear Shah

The viciousness of your attack (unethical writing!) has convinced me that I have hit the bull’s eye and that my assessment is correct.

Yes, many a people have tagged me anti-India, which I am not; I am merely pro-Nepal, while some people today wouldn’t like to be called pro-Nepal or seen writing or talking as such. Besides, it is better to be called anti-India than pro-India. Your email has been eye-opener for me in recognizing people.

Yes, many a “pro-India” planners consider me ‑ “a barrier to hydropower development in Nepal.” I am against “development” which would leave Nepal with negative externalities (the term used by environmentalists) and have India hog all positive externalities. I am for hydropower development, which would ensure win-win for both neighbors, even Bangladesh.

My article doesn’t have anything to do with Madheshi or Khas Bahun-Chetri or for that matter RED (I don’t believe in any kind of communism); incidentally you need to note that I too am an indigenous nationality inhabiting Kathmandu valley since several generations, who too have suffered under Khas Bahun-Chetri.

After attacking with such viciousness, you are asking me to “take it with good sense”; almost exactly like India telling Nepal people that she hasn’t blockaded Nepal.

Wishing all the best in your endeavor related to water.

Reply to email from Shree Govind Shah

Dear Ratna Sansar,

Thanks for sending me your article which I found very much “insensible and unethical writing” from a well-known person like you. Well! You have been recognised as “anti-India” and all the time you opposed “Investment from India on hydropower development”. Many water resources Nepali planners consider you “a barrier to hydropower development in Nepal”. We have been together in many seminars and I remember on many occasions hydropower people made joke of you. But you are brave; never tired of writing “anti-India” articles!!! BRAVO

But this time you have crossed the border and have attacked the sensitiveness of Nepalese Madheshi like the ruling Khas Bahun-chhetris did. Did you write so to please the RED government? I have attached your article with my comments and suggestions. I think you will take it with good sense.

Best regards,
Dr. Shree Govind Shah
Ecologist, Environment Planning and Policy Analyst

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