Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ceremonial king and Maoism should co-exist: Kamal Thapa !

I wonder how would people be able to believe/trust that ceremonial/constitutional monarchy will limit itself to just being ceremonial/constitutional monarchy.

Because under the constitution of 1990 we had just that which got implemented till Birendra Shah’s whole family was decimated. But Gyanendra Shah sabotaged it immediately after the enthronement (he actually deserves backhanded compliment for the abolition of monarchy) by refusing to stay under the constitution. He “amended” the constitution, created the position of chairperson of council of ministers and installed himself in it and went on to bring museum pieces to retain as vice chairmen one of whom was the architect of 1960 “coup” and creator of so called “panchayat democracy.” He demonstrated naked greed by increasing government funding to royal palace from Rs 110 million to – suddenly – Rs 650 million. People of Nepal have many more reasons for not trusting him again.

Then the former crown prince will become logical choice for monarchy, who unfortunately, is a drug abuser, with jail record in Thailand. No more needs to be said in this respect.

It leaves Nepal with Hridayandra who is not even a teenager yet. If he is installed as a monarch, it will be Gyanendra again who will do back seat driving which is too ominous for Nepali people to accept.

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