Saturday, December 29, 2012

Who is at fault for current political instability?

Dear Prof Lohani The fluid situation that we have today has to be firmly ascribed to the president for several reasons and he is the solely responsible for it. The way things are looking now he will have to keep on extending the deadline and in Ashadh 2070 he will accept another Ordinance for budget then the game will continue further. As the antonym of deadline is extension, extension of deadline week after week is like oxymoron. Subsequent to dissolution of CA the president declared Bhattarai care taker PM with alacrity but failed to call under Article 38(1) for a PM with executive authority. This is his single most damaging failure on his part. Then he started accepting a string of essential and non-essential ordinances including one arranging “Bonus” for himself after he demits the office of presidency. The latest blunder was to leave for India like a teacher leaving his students in a classroom with instructions for them to behave. He should have issued call under Article 38(1) immediately after declaring Bhattarai care taker PM and should have refused to promulgate any ordinance. Maybe due to this action on his part the country would have had been without a budget for a few days or a week. The citizenry of this country would have happily faced a few days without budget instead of the present torture of having care taker PM who is not only unable to anything but also is not allowed to do things. Let’s pray our Lord Pashupatinath that he give some prudence to these people. With best regards, Sincerely, Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA Senior Water Resource Analyst

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