Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Investment board and Nepal's water resources

To: Radhesh Pant CEO Investment Board Cc: 'Dipak Gyawali'; Lok B Rawat; 'Amar Narayan Mali'; 'Arun Chandra Gajurel'; 'Bharat Prasain'; 'Chakrapani Sharma'; 'Juddha Gurung'; 'Lok Bahadur Raut'; 'Shriman Gautam'; 'Tara Kumari Gharti' Subject: Investment board and Nepal's water resources Radhesh jee We are saddened to read/watch news in today’s media about the captioned. I have learned with heavy heart that you are taking the very path we had requested you not to take when we (DipakG and I) came to meet you at your office some time back. This route will lead you only to failure, nothing more. We had hoped that you would learn from the history of previous incarnation of West Seti project. Investment Board, under your leadership, is definitely on the wrong tangent. Specifically you have put your stamp of approval to resource colonization in the case of upper Karnali project. Looks like you didn’t peruse numerous articles/papers written on the subject. You could have learnt quite a lot by simply visiting my website. For example if you follow the link below you can learn a lot about it. Do feel free to ask me if you need any clarification. With best regards, Sincerely, Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA Senior Water Resource Analyst

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