Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wonderful comments on power economy

August 27, 2010
Krishna Neupane

Good to hear from you.
No, I am not proposing that we should block India from investing in Nepal at all. But it will be foolhardy to be exporting power to India while keeping people in Nepal in dark and unindustrialized for lack of power. If we could industrialize Nepal at the accelerated pace then we can stop "exporting" people overseas including India.
I couldn't agree more with you that Nepal's hydrocracy does neet better negotiation pwer.
With best regards,
Ratna Sansar

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Subject: Wonderful comments

Ratna Dai: Thank u for sharing ur commentary on power economy. I have always held the belief that economy is far important than politics. As far as I understand that India is fully aware of global reality and we cannot get away from this fact. Correct me if I am wrong would it be wise to block India to invest in our energy sector? While Indian consumer are at spending spree for many  years, could there any logical answer as industries there will demand more workers-including Nepali. To my understanding, nepali lack sheer competitivenes and effiency to surpass them. Thus, we need better negotiation power n alternatives than lashing them. Thank you Krishna

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