Monday, August 23, 2010

RE: The neocolonial path to power

August 23, 2010
Mr Chiran S Thapa
Naxal, Kathmandu

Dear Chiranjee

Thanks a lot for joining the discourse.

The discourse has thrown up following issues:

·         Bhutan model could be implemented by India in Bhutan specifically as it is Indian protectorate, thereby enabling India to ensure security of the projects within Bhutani territory by Indian security personnel.
·         Bhutan model is against the principle of energy security of Bhutan as evidenced by the load shedding happening now and likely to happen in future. Further, and more importantly, due to implementation of this model, Bhutan will not have necessary electricity for her industrialization.
·         This model is financially unviable even for India.

Therefore, this model is not replicable in Nepal.

However, there are still some people who advocate replication this model in the name of “trans-boundary realities,” which is like saying that if the rape (begging your pardon for the use of rather a strong word) is inevitable, then the “subject” should lie back and may as well “enjoy” it.

Replication of this model in the name of trans-boundary realities in Nepal is high treason. Notwithstanding so called trans-boundary realities countries like Canada, Lesotho, etc. have succeeded to achieve win-win situation. Therefore, Nepal, instead, should aim to replicate these models.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, fca
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Dear Ratna Sansarji,

Thank you for your e-mail. I have a copy of DopakG's article in Nepal and
will read the article in English as well. But, as I just debated with
Shanta Pun, in the absence of a 100% win situation, how far are we prepared
to bend, transparently and keeping clarity in expressing the reasons for
accepting losses for correspondingly better benefits? Transboundary
realities have to be accepted and time constraints, the loss in delay of
developing multiuse water resources, cannot be wished away.



On Aug 19 2010, Ratna Sansar Shrestha wrote:

> As is his wont Dipak Gyawali has pointed out that the emperor isn't
> actually wearing any gorgeous royal gown, as his subjects are led to
> believe; rather he is wearing nothing in his article titled "The
> neocolonial path to power" published in Himal South Asian of August 2010
> ( which
> is based on the translation of his article published in vernacular
> "Nepal" magazine. It's not unusual for him to attract wide ranging
> comments and this article is no exception.

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